Silence is Golden.

Written By: B.D. Butler - Nov• 09•11

For those of you out there that have parrots, you know that the quote “silence is golden”  from years passed, has a certain validity.  Depending on the species of parrot that you own, that validity also has a certain degree.  We all know it also depends on the bird too, I have heard that Amazons are one of the loudest, and I myself had a very quiet one, that occasionally would make a screech here and there, but for the most part…. not loud at all.  I also had the lovely experience with a rescued lovebird that happened to be one of the loudest feathered animals I personally had ever seen in this world.


Click here for Angry Parrot.

Personality, training, boredom, diet, illness, can all be large determining factors in whether your feather friend likes to scream like AC/DC or not.  I remember reading that birds need a large amount of socialization to keep them from getting bored.  However, there are some birds that just tend to be a little louder than others, and it makes no difference what you do.

About a year ago, we were looking for a new cage for Dexter, and went to look at a used one listed on Craigslist.  Going in, it was a waste of time, because it had more rust than the one that he came in.  As usual, I digress, the gentleman that was selling it had a six month old Blue and Gold Macaw in a custom-built cage in a condominium.  I thought “really, his neighbors must hate him, and why the hell would his HOA allow such thing?”.  He had his front door insulated with cloth, and sound proofing foam that you would find in a  recording studio, or a highschool band room.  The Macaw’s cage was large size, but surrounded by the foam, and he just didn’t seem very happy.  The minute we walked in, he began screeching, and loud enough to wake the dead.  I immediately felt sorry for this parrot, and in my opinion, it just didn’t seem like the smartest match.  It’s like having a giraffe in your back yard in the suburbs.  Not the smartest thing.  It is so important to not only do your research about your pets to be a responsible pet owner, but think about the environment that they will be raised in.  Would you want to be treated that way?  Locked in a sound proof cage, so that the neighbors don’t hear you?  That’s not in a Macaw’s genetic make-up, and DNA, they are just naturally loud birds.  I think the guy got a read on my energy when I was more focused on asking him questions about his Macaw, than his view or the rusty cage we were supposed to purchase.

I got my photo of screeching parrot here.

Another thing to think about is training.  When my birds are quiet, that’s when I usually peek in, and give them a treat.  It tells them that being quiet is rewarded, and it encourages them to do so.  Now I am not saying that our house is by any means the library of congress, in fact you can usually hear one of Cooper’s alarm beeps down the block.  Our house is probably closer to Swiss Family Robinson, but you get my point.  Birds are loud, period, but the cool thing is, you get used to it.  When they start whistling back at you, or you lean in for a kiss, and you hear “kissed” before you even have a chance to say it.  That’s when you know that it’s all worth it.

Just watch your language.

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