Bird Flippers

Written By: B.D. Butler - Nov• 04•11

I always keep an eye out on various sites, including Ebay Classifieds, and Craigslist, just for the occasional bargain on a play stand, or cage.  Let’s be honest shall we, I am always looking out for Bird Flippers.  I get very hawked off at the idea that someone is trying to take advantage of someone’s ill-fortune, and trying to make a profit.

Click here for Blue and Gold Macaw.

“Macaw bird for $250” is one that I saw today.  I thought, a Macaw for $250, something has to give.  Upon reading further into the ad, they did not even know what kind of Macaw it was, and just about everything in the ad made little to no sense.  Oh, and did I mention that conveniently the bird did not come with a cage?  I then saw a few hours later, that I was not the only one that caught on.  Someone posted a warning about Bird Flippers being on our local Craigslist, and trying to scam.  I then began to think, “what about the poor bird?”.  Is he stolen, sick, and what if some naive person thinks, “good deal”.  I am known for my “frugal” nature, in fact I have a mantra “free, sale, and clearance are my favorite words”.   But I digress.  I have seen other ads for Cameroon Wild Caught breeders, which is a scam, and if it is not, I can guarantee that it is smuggling in a wild caught grey.  Shame on them for doing it, but shame on us for not doing something about it.

Education is important in purchasing any bird.  Getting to know the bird, and it previous owners.  Diet…. etc.  These are basics that are sometimes forgotten.  I have a couple of friends, that got so into the idea of either a “good deal” or being Superman and saving the day.  One ended disastrously and the other cost thousands of dollars.  Be Careful.  Listen to your intuition, if something doesn’t feel right, then it probably isn’t.

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