Howdy Pumpkin!

Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 27•11

If you are like me, during this time of year, you may be surrounded by pumpkins.  I am not kidding, porches, stores, my own credenza…PUMPKINS!  So it got me thinking about my fellow bird fanciers,”just how do you like to prepare pumpkins for your parrots?”.


Click here for pumpkin.

I belong to a forum online, with some very seasoned members.  Some have been caring for parrots and in the trenches of aviculture for over twenty years.  This makes me comfortable asking some of the hard-hitting questions of diet, and preparations of foods.  Mostly the responses I got were raw pumpkin, some adding it to oatmeal, and some just “scrubbing it up real good, and letting them go to town”.

I am absolutely going to try this before the season is up.  I will say that personally I cut up pumpkin raw, and add it to my chop/beanie recipe that I give them.  They also LOVE the seeds, I think that it’s a seasonal treat for them.  Hey, we get Halloween candy, why shouldn’t they get pumpkin seeds?

I have read that some people like to roast the seeds, and some like to serve crudities.  It’s a matter of taste, and well let’s just say it…. what your parrots will actually eat, and not try to color the walls with.  I recommend starting with a small pumpkin, because who is to say that your parrot will even like pumpkin at all.  During our annual carving party, Cooper and Dexter would NOT touch a lighter colored pumpkin, almost and albino.  Maybe the flavor just didn’t cut the mustard, but it did make for a nice piece of wall art.

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