Once Bitten Twice Shy?

Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 17•11

I am constantly amazed when people find out that I have parrots, and they say “Oh I have always wanted one”, so I show them pictures of Dexter and Cooper.  To a usual response of “I must have one”.  Well think twice my friends, no seriously think twice.

I got my photo for Parrots for Dummies here.

I have written several articles discouraging the reckless whims of just acquiring birds, just because.  Most birds live for a couple of decades at least, and it’s not just something that deserves to be traded around like baseball cards.  Doing research into cleaning, care, diets, training, vitamins, and yes the list goes on and on, is a long pain staking process.Not to mention the dedication of just being a bird owner, it can be the hardest job you will ever love.  Similar to parenting, but eventually your human children will grow up.  Parrots remain that perpetual child stuck in toddler age, getting into everything, and leaving a destruction path.  Scared?  Reconsidering getting a parrot?  Good, that was my intention.when parrots attack.when parrots attack.

when parrots attack.

The photo above is my wrist, after Cooper and I had a moment that did not go well.  You see, Cooper has territorial issues about his cage, and I actually knew this.  It was about three and a half weeks since the last time Cooper went piranha on me, and I got a little too cocky.  We were leaving, and I got careless putting him into his cage.  He first of all did not want to go, and to be honest, I knew better.

When you know better, you do better ~ Dr. Maya Angelou

In my mind after this happened, I was so offended!!  I cannot even tell you the emotions, and the cuss words that shot through my head, well I am sure you can imagine.  However when I cooled down, and I thought about it, I re-worked my thought process.  I realized that I essentially just approached the whole situation entirely wrong!

Things like this happen, parrot owning is not easy, and it is sometimes like donating blood at your local bank.  You can’t humanize your birds with human emotions.  Birds can’t say “back the hell off” and sometimes they are just in the mood to bring it.  So back to the drawing boards…. One day at a time, and You live, you learn.

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