Remember The Munsters & The Addams Family??…

Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 13•11

Do you remember the television shows The Munsters, and The Addams Family?  They happened to be that great old-time black and white show, with the corniest story lines and I loved them!  I could not get enough when I got to watch the re-runs, and preferred them over many of the fad shows that were on at the time.  I think the biggest thing that I liked, was they were not like anyone else’s family.

I got my photo of The Addams Family house here.

They always had some out of the ordinary thing happening in their homes, some weird noises, and some interesting story to tell.   They always had creatures in their homes that you couldn’t find just anywhere, and not everyone had.  It was so different and they made it work.

I got my pic of The Munsters here.

I think in every house animals play a different role, and different priorities.  Some houses are a little more diligent at trying to make their pets members of the family.  In our home we have to use different room deodorizers, and use many earth friendly cleaners etc. Hell some of the animals are even on strict vitamin diets to maintain their health.  To some it may seem weird, but its a part of our home, and just like the Munster’s and Addams’ we are making it work. I have to say that when you go to a true home that includes their birds into their home dynamic, you can see the out of the ordinary things.  There’s the perch stand in the living room, there’s the air purifiers here and there.  The various bottles here and there that say “Parrot H2O” and “Parrot Aloe Juice” to name a few.  You will also notice that in some closets there are wide ranges of perches and toys cluttered in, just about anywhere they would fit.  You just make do with what you have.  We have friends come over quite a bit, and I have actually been asked questions, I am happy to answer.  I especially love it when they bring their kids over, and they get a little bit of a bird tutorial from me about Dexter and Cooper.  It’s almost like bringing someone to my own show and tell!  Hopefully showing them what kind of animal, not just bird, owners they want to be when they get older.  One mind at a time.




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