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Written By: B.D. Butler - Oct• 11•11

We as people can be subject to a little thing that is called the “ego”, and it usually rears its ugly head when you can say “that toy is mine”, or comprehend it.  So naturally I was thinking, is it possible for animals to have this sense of ego?  They exhibit the same signs of  reaction, to the ego stimulus… so are they battling with the same demons that we are.  Territoriality is a natural instinct in animals, and we are animals, so, can’t it be the same.

Ego is supposed to be based on the sign that you are attached to something outside your self.  Whether the item be a thought, feeling, or possession.  So the question, “Can my animals be a little egocentric?”

Cooper and Sadie

Cooper and Sadie

We have had some “territorial issues here and there with some of the animals, being in “the phantom zone” as I like to call it.  In our house the living room is pretty much open to whatever, and the animals must coexist.  There are som problems, as you could imagine. Dexter does not like the cats being on the credenza in the window, and frankly has no idea what they are, and finds them to be a nuisance.  Cooper studies from afar, and is waiting for them to get too close, and is just waiting for the chance to strike.


Then there is Clayburn, our 10-year-old Golden Retriever.  Clay is just a good old boy, who sniffs the parrots from time to time, from a distance, and views them as treat dispensers.  They will toss something to him, whether it be carrot, seed, broccoli, or even a parrot pellet, and he thinks they are santa masked as feather friends.  He can be counted on to clean up after them, and actually with the vitamins he is on, along with the food he has, and all the veggies he gets from the birds…I am certain he has the most regulated diet of anyone that lives in the house.   I have been asked, “clay is a retriever, does he want to retrieve your birds?”  The answer is “no”  Clay was never taught to retrieve birds.  He will even let Dexter attempt to perch on his snout, in my opinion, that is a good dog!   He is also the most patient dog, the birds call out for him all the time “Clayburn, come here”,”sit down”,”good boy”,”stop” etc.  Clay used to come a running every time he heard his name, however, he finally learned his lesson and tunes them out.



Sheldon comes to live with us on Friday, and will be eight weeks on that day.  As you can see, such an adorable little Golden Retriever puppy that will make a fine addition to our zoo!  I’m curious what the birds will teach them.  It takes a village.


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