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Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 22•11

I got my image of crazy bird here.

Since joining the aviculture world, and making the lifetime commitment of adopting a parrot, I think that I have had a worry about getting things “right”.  Doing research night and day, on diets, behaviors, vitamins, minerals, showering, on and on and on, until basically I would get so overwhelmed I didn’t know what side was up!  To be honest, I think I over did my budgetary funds for a couple months, ordering books, dvd’s, ANYTHING I could get my hands on.  I also became a member of so many forums, I couldn’t keep my posts straight, nor my questions.  

What should I do about biting? What should I do about aggressive issues? Should I look into feeding birdie muffins?  What to do about cuttlebones? Why is my bird sleeping all the time? What kinds of vegetables should I be feeding him?  How many grapes is too many?  He wont eat anything but pellets, what am I doing wrong? Should I get new pots and pans?  Why is he growling at the vacuum?  Why wont he come out of his cage today?  Should I buy a travel cage?  Should we take him to the cabin?  When should I consider buying another parrot?  How long should I quarantine the two?  Shower perches, yes or no?  Should I invest in expensive playstands?  Whats the deal with these birdie backpacks?  I heard you can give a bird yogurt?  What kind of vitamin supplements should I be feeding my birds?  Birdie Lighting, is this just a myth?  

and that was just to name a few, yes I said a few.

 I think that I was being very hard on myself.  Parenting doesn’t come with a giant book of answers nor instructions, so why should owning a parrot.  There are philosophies out there, and each author has an opinion, but who the hell says what’s right?  

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1. Also called psychoneurosis. a functional disorder in
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 Too many ideas and information can send you over the edge, if you don’t take the time to process them.

 Deciding what kind of animal owner you are going to be, I think is the first step.  Picking a course of action after that, and then putting it all into play.  It reminds of my job, people are always talking about sports, coaches, and plays.  This actually holds true to life, and you can apply it to just about anything.  Analyze what result you would like to happen.  Research several scenarios, figure out what will work best at the moment.  Put that play into action, and see if you get the desired result.  If at first you don’t succeed, tweek some different avenues, rework it, and try again.  It’s okay, you don’t have to be perfect.  Actually I think no truer words were ever typed, nor spoken.  Perfection is a state of mind that I personally think exists only in the foolish of heart.  

I got my pic of Jafar here.

A new friend, Debbie Goodrich (The Parrot Lady) recently told me, “would you just relax already?”  At first I was taken back by her directness, and then she said, “you don’t have to make everything perfect, life happens, your birds will understand!  The more you stress about things, your parrots will too”.  I thought about just those simple words for a few days, and it made me realize that I was so worried about the “idea” of being a perfect parrot owner, that I forgot to listen to my own intuition, and my own voice.   I don’t have to second guess myself on certain things that I know work, and I don’t need to add the pressure of blogging about my experiences either.  Parrot Earth is about my journey into the road of aviculture, the things that I learn and the people I meet along the way.  

After a lifetime of loving companion birds, and studying them, I still don’t have all the answers.  At least now, I am breathing.

I got “meditating: here.

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