Olympic Bird Fanciers Bird Expo 2011

Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 20•11

We had the pleasure of attending the Bremerton Washington to the Olympic Bird Fanciers Bird Expo.  It was a kind of stressful in the beginning getting there, with some detours, a couple trains, and a ferry ride later.  Hey, we made it!


Greetings with smiles and a complimentary bag from Kaytee, with great information and a DVD from Barbara Heidenreich.  We were very impressed with the variety of booths,  there was everything from food, vets, to a cockatoo wearing a Harley jacket!

Come on, you can’t say that you get to see this everyday!

As I have said in other posts that I have made in PE, there is a commonality and bond between bird people!  It’s nice to walk in to such a warm environment, and let your bird nerd flag fly.  It’s also nice that when you are talking about foraging or feather picking, you don’t get those “looks” that your friends give you when you’re out on a Friday night for cocktails.  Let’s be honest, bird expo’s are like Comic-Con for us….


Dustin Noah (360)649-2714 call him for amazing portraits!!

While we were walking around admiring we met a very nice woman named Annie.  Annie was kind enough to tell us not only about her products, but also give us some insight into her bag foraging toys.  She was also kind enough to tell us about the Olympic Bird Fanciers, and their newsletter.

Annie and Mogli

We also got to meet a sweet seven year old Congo African Grey named Mogli, who lives with Annie.  Mogli  was a rescue, that happened to decide that she was going to stay with Annie.  We all know, that sometimes we really don’t have a choice in these matters.  Annie also had a few other helpers with their Avitiech Premium Nutritional Supplements booth.  http://www.avitec.com/


A nice day to take your African Grey Shopping….

Debbie Goodrich is known as The Parrot Lady, Education and Entertainment and had her booth also set up at this year’s Expo.


Debbie is not only a character, but she can back up everything that she talks about.  I had seen some of her videos on youtube and admired her training ability.


Debbie Goodrich, me, and Ali Morland

Debbie makes parrot pockets, made out of leather, and stitched to last.  Don’t be fooled by the make-shift imitations out there, that wouldn’t last five minutes with a parakeet, let alone my Congo Cooper (AKA Jaws).  Take  a look for yourself www.parrotpockets.com.

Here’s another shameless plug for Parrot Pockets.

I found the video for Parrot Pockets here :


 All in all, the Olympic Bird Fanciers Bird Expo 2011 was a blast!  We not only got to meet some other “bird” people in the area, but also got a heads up with some new products.  If you are in the Pacific Northwest, I suggest you check them out for the 2012 Expo…. The more the merrier!

Thank you to all the Olympic Bird Fanciers ( http://www.olympicbirdfanciers.com/) participants/vendors/volunteers at the Olympic Bird Fanciers Bird Expo 2011 (http://www.olympicbirdfanciers.com/2011_bird_expo.htm) !!

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  1. Rita says:

    Sounds like a wonderful adventure. The orange and green birds on the young girl’s shoulder are beautiful!
    BTW I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Go to my blog post “Lucky me” for more information. I really do enjoy your writing. I wish you luck on this. I had an increase in blog hits right after I got this. It is always more fun to write when you know somebody will read your work.

    • B.D. Butler says:

      Oh, thanks for the nomination! I am really enjoying giving my ideas a “voice” and it’s helping my other writing as well. Btw, I really enjoy your writing as well!

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