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Written By: B.D. Butler - Sep• 06•11

Right now I have the birds in their own bird room, well, it is the “spare” room, but the cages are so large that, there really isn’t room for a bed.  I have looked on my grey forum, and at some other blog authors “set-ups” as I like to call them, and gotten my fair share of ideas.  I like the idea of having tile, and I like having the hardwood floors that we have now.  Parrot’s are pigs, that’s all there is to it.  If you are not big on house work, and don’t enjoy using a mop… then maybe another avenue is suited for you.  An aquarium perhaps?

I think as parrot owners we all get a little swayed on cleaning, and are looking for what is going to make our lives easier when the birds decide they don’t like cauliflower today.  Swoosh, barely misses your head, and you have to peel it off the wall.  It’s a constant battle, and to be honest I used to lose sleep over it.  I wanted people to come over, see that we had two parrots, and marvel over how clean things were.  Whomp Whomp Whomp, reality check, no one is perfect.  Even though I can brag that our house is cleaner that the average, it is a lot of work.

I found this example photo here :

Ah, the Hoover Floormate…. I am not the type of person to endorse something that I have not tested myself, and haven’t made sure I can put my name on it.  However, this thing has brought new meaning to cleaning into my world.

Picture found here:

Now let’s not even mention the Shop Vac Hang Up, holy crap, I just DO NOT even know where I would be without this wonderous machine!  It is light weight, cleans the whole house (yes all tile and hardwoods) and you don’t have to break to empty, or cool down.  Dexter and Cooper should probably be on the commercial for Shop Vac, in fact….that’s a thought.  I will send them an email.


I have actually thought about the kind of home where i would like to settle down in, and where i think it would be ideal for all of our animals, including a custom area for the greys.  I have this cousin that designed the best home that I had ever been in.  With all of the thoughtful modern conveniences… chef’s kitchen, the laundry on the second floor with the bedrooms, and a huge walk in atrium foyer with cathedral ceilings.  I remember being twelve and marveling at this house, and the atrium in particular.  There were cut outs in the mixed gravel cement floors for trees, and plants, huge archways leading into other parts of the house, and covered in skylights.  She also had a Mexican Red Amazon named Sinbad, that looked to be the happiest parrot I had ever seen.  He had his little world, his flock, and a calm and natural surrounding.

This isn’t the actual house, but you get the idea.  I love the idea of my parrots being in the middle of everything, having a taste of the outdoors, literally, and also having the protection of being inside. What more could a parrot want?  I wouldn’t mind it either!  HAHA!

Ah, someday, Everyone needs something to work for…. right?

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