Country Music and Parrots!

Written By: B.D. Butler - Aug• 09•11

Laura Bryna is an up and coming country music singer.  Now we can all just imagine all the glitz and glamour that is associated with that.  Stressful PR, interviews, marketing, photo shoots, oh and did I mention that she has a Senegal, Cockatoo, and African Grey.  Yes folks, she not only is one of the flock in the music biz, but she is also in her own home.  Did I mention that she also travels with them, and they have their own room on her tour bus.  Now who couldn’t see themselves on the road with their birds, and singing to sold out crowds every night?

Take a look at her bird blog on


This was an inspiration to me, and also made me realize that birds are just as capable to travel as dogs and cats, you just need to put a different spin on it.

Country Singer Laura Bryna

It just goes to show how people can juggle life’s dreams, and owning parrots too.  Just a matter of focus, and dedication.

Good for you Laura!

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