Written By: B.D. Butler - Jul• 25•11

Ah the age old questions about cookware,  I could not decide on what was safe, and not.  I love that there is sooooo much information on the internet, however, too much of something can just confuse the heck out of a person.  So boom, I decided to be proactive and look into every possible avenue.

After research,  emails with the company, going back and forth in speculation, and basically stressing myself out… I have decided to bite the bullet and just buy a new set of Stainless Steel.  I think they look great, and MOST important, I choose not to take the “what if” approach to my boys!  Also I heard that stainless is better for humans… imagine that, getting something good for us. lol!

Oh, and basically what I found out… ALL non-stick coatings do emit a gas at a certain temperature.  Some at 300 degrees, some at 500, and some at 550, depending on what type you have.  The coating of Anodized Aluminum Cookware is amazing, however, it is still non-stick coating inside the pans is more times than not, going to be Teflon.  Most brands are coated by the company DuPont, and they use nothing but good old fashion PTFE Teflon…
I am a firm believer in choice, and doing what you believe is right, so take my advice and research as you will.  I would not risk my parrot’s health to save a few dollars.  There are some GREAT deals out there on stainless cookware, trust me, I found some!

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