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Written By: B.D. Butler - Jul• 25•11

Well after hectic weeks have gone by, a quick jaunt to the cabin on the Washington coast, sounds good? Well, things don’t always go as smoothly as you would like to think.
Loaded up the car, cargo topper on top, golden retriever Clay in the very back on his cushy bed, and Dexter in his travel cage, and Cooper in his. We were smart and surrounded most of the exterior of Coopers cage this time with a cardboard box, so in case he decided that he wanted to go to his pirahna place and chew on the seats in the BMW suv.


So with the cargo topper full, Clay our Golden Retriever in the back, and Frick and Frack in the back seat, off we went.  Dexter had been to our beach cabin three times prior to this trip, and Cooper had not, so this was going to be an adventure!  Cooper seemed to get used to the driving eventually.  Dexter of course could be a trucker, he just loves to get into the car and go.  He will even go as far as to preen, eat, and play with toys while we are driving.


Cooper evetually relaxed, and sure enough decided he was going to become Jaws, and demolish the edges of the boxes surrounding his cage.  After stopping for drive thru and the birds talking to the drive thru person, they seemed to be getting restless.  They had been this close a few times, but not really eye to eye, and on the same level.  Very close to the end of our journey, I heard them beaking (a somewhat agressive meet and greet between parrots) through the bars.  Clearly they had enough of being stuck  in the same proximity, and wanted the hell out!


Getting to the cabin, thankfully with the warmer temps, it was very close to the temp in our house, so it wasn’t an urgent need to get the heaters cranked right away!  For those of you who don’t live in the Pacific Northwest, summer is a novelty that actually more than likely lasts about a month, and the highs are about 90 (if that) and if we hit 80 with no air conditioning, its a heat wave.  I know,  I know.

Heaters with digital thermometers worked out great (considering I forgot to pack the ones I usually use) and not to mention Coopers snap in food dish.  Yes, I was a bad parrot owner this weekend, but rigged a coffee cup in its place.  Yep, I like to think of myself as MacGuyver sometimes, you should see what I can do with a stick of gum, and a matchstick.

Things went well, they got to go outside, hear nature, and got some real sun rays, not just from a lamp.  We had some friends follow us up as well, and I think they got a glimpse into why exactly we love our greys so much.  Of course, you get me talking about parrots, and you better have an extra oxygen tank, because I am likely to suck up the air in the room.

After a safe return home, and Cooper getting so comfortable in the car that he did his “dancing with the stars” routine to Glee, it was a great trip!!

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