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Crazy Bird Person?

Do I consider myself a bird person, yes I do. I have met some amazing people along my travels that are very much “animal” people. However I will say that there is something about the connection of someone who is also into aviculture. I almost think that it’s because it is such a rare occasion […]

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Ah the age old questions about cookware,  I could not decide on what was safe, and not.  I love that there is sooooo much information on the internet, however, too much of something can just confuse the heck out of a person.  So boom, I decided to be proactive and look into every possible avenue. After […]

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A little R&R

Well after hectic weeks have gone by, a quick jaunt to the cabin on the Washington coast, sounds good? Well, things don’t always go as smoothly as you would like to think. Loaded up the car, cargo topper on top, golden retriever Clay in the very back on his cushy bed, and Dexter in his […]

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