The Parrot Problem Solver

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jun• 09•11

Click here for Parrot Problem Solver.

I have to say that with the suggestion of Patricia Sund to read this… has changed my view on training and viewing companion parrots.

I have to say that I come from the area of showing you are the “alpha” and “who’s boss”, and I have to admit that only 30% of my training ability is to look at what the parrot wants.  Reading this book has already shown me that it is important to show your parrot that they are part of the equation.  Their feelings need to be taken into consideration, just to get them to bond properly with you.

I realized that agression is sometimes not the problem of the parrot, but of the action/reaction response due to the owner.  They sometimes feel cornered and have no other outlet, and they also have their need to be left alone… who doesn’t have a bad day?

Reading this book, I have decided to retrain myself in my interaction with Dexter and Cooper, and start doing positive reinforcement training, and I have to say that Dexter is actually responding incredibly well with it.  Cooper on the other hand is getting a little bitey with his new found freedom, and is making small strides.  One day at a time!

I recommend if you have not read this book yet… get it, it will literally make your parrot owning journey be inspired and get your knowledge cravings going.

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