Sunshine and Springtime

Written By: B.D. Butler - Jun• 06•11

This time of year, when the leaves grow in, and flowers bloom, allergies blossom…. and the warmth of the quiet night after you put your birds to bed.  When I was growing up, it was when my mother had the chance to sit in the still, and just think.  It was so quiet, and that’s when she came up with her brilliant ideas.  Sitting here tonight, I have had the dream of becoming a writer, and wanting to put my words out into the universe, so that people can maybe learn something from my experience.  So I have made the decision, to actively pursue it, along with the other things that I have on my plate.

Bird Talk Magazine is going to be the place to begin my journey.  I have wanted to be published in this magazine for the past twenty some (we don’t need to do the exact math) years.  I will not stop until I have at least published an article with this particular publication.

Now thinking of the exact thing to write is the dilema.  I want it to be relevant, and I want it to be personal enough to be relateable with other readers, and so that they can step into my shoes as I tell my story.  I thought about my history with Dexter and Cooper, and maybe striving to turn it into a series… the new parrot guy’s journey.  But then again, that’s what this blog is for.  For my readers to not only learn from my mistakes, but also be inspired to strive for new things, and challenges.  Let’s not get too serious, let’s also throw in the entertainement factor.  I hope that my blog is at least fun to read, and also informative.

I contacted a friend today, and she inspired me not to give up, and also put me on the right track for some publications to read.  Cooper is having some issues with biting right now, nothing to the point that I have to call 911, or grab a butterfly stitch, but none the less it’s annoying.

Lately my schedule has been a little erratic, and with the home improvements that have been going on, there have been some days where they are locked up in the bird room.  So I think he is reacting to that and the lack of “Q” time that we have had together.  I did order him a new living room perch, that is large, and I think that he will really enjoy.  Today was an indicator, and he got his morning Beanie Mix and Chop… and some extra treats, so he associates happy with the new space.  We will have to see how it goes.

The new book that I ordered is about correcting parrot issues with agression, and explains the various types of agression, and why he may be acting out.

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