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Listening to what you know… and believing it.

If you are like me, and you are constantly striving for information, you can get a bit overwhelmed.  There is so much “good” information our there in the world, and it takes some experience to decifer what is proven, and what is crap. I made the decision to check out who has the best reputations, […]

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The Parrot Problem Solver

I have to say that with the suggestion of Patricia Sund to read this… has changed my view on training and viewing companion parrots. I have to say that I come from the area of showing you are the “alpha” and “who’s boss”, and I have to admit that only 30% of my training ability […]

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Sunshine and Springtime

This time of year, when the leaves grow in, and flowers bloom, allergies blossom…. and the warmth of the quiet night after you put your birds to bed.  When I was growing up, it was when my mother had the chance to sit in the still, and just think.  It was so quiet, and that’s […]

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