Written By: B.D. Butler - Apr• 27•11

I heard a long time ago that you have to keep introducing new things into a Grey’s environment and let them decide when the time is right.  I have also known the same thing is true with humans, especially myself.  Sometimes I need a little time to think things out, and come to the conclusion that it isn’t someone else’s idea, and that it’s mine.  For the past few weeks we have had a lot of things going on, and it’s actually been a little draining.  We went to Vegas on a birthday vacation, (which if you have the chance to see Celine, it will change your life!  Yeah I know shameless plug) and left the birds with my roommate for a week.  This went very well, and thankfully she knew them, and even though she didn’t handle them, she let them out of their cages here and there for space.  She was also smart when they went back in, she took it as a sign from god, and latched them in, so she didn’t end up with missing limbs.

To Be Honest I think I was very efficient when it came to care sheets for the birds, and description of what they could have, couldn’t… amounts of food etc.  I also rearranged their cages, so that when we left, their perches and toys would be a new adventure, keeping them entertained.  I also was very happy that Eric picked up the Avian Full Spectrum Bulbs from the Local Bird Store (I decided to break down and get them over the full spectrum bulbs we had, due to the CRI rating of 88) and placed lighting around them on a timer.  It is recommended that they get this type of lighting for six hours daily… so bam, had that covered.  Also, Eric being Eric, he bought the boys some new toys, so they would have something new to play with when their cages got boring.
In Reality the whole trip could not have gone better, the birds were a little miffed when I got back, and beause we had to go right back into working schedule, they carried a little grudge for the next few days.  Cooper and I went a couple steps back in our bonding, and I could tell he was upset and showing that he was flat out “pissed” that we went anywhere without him.  I have not been away from him for even a night since we got him.  I keep telling him that this summer is when he will get to see the Washington coast, and he is going to fall in love with the ocean.  I am going to get a harness for Dexter and work with using Coopers on him… and we are going to take them walking on the beach!  I will definitely be documenting this whole process, and the whole idea may end up on America’s Funniest Home Videos…. we shall see.

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