Our New Addition Comes Home

Written By: B.D. Butler - Mar• 03•11

Shasta our new addition has been here for a few hours… and at the recommendation of a few people he is in the bedroom, for a day or so, just to lay low, and get the feel of the house.  You know that “not so at ease” feeling you have when you move, I think that’s something that parrots kind of go through when they are subject to a new environment.

So far Shasta has made some interesting sounds, I was told a few, so I knew what to expect… but it’s definitely a good sign that he is not cowering in the corner of his cage.  However, he is a little territorial over his cage, Dexter was the same way, so I am not really worried about it.

Speaking of Dexter, he knows there is something up, and I actually took him into the bedroom for a peak, so he would know there was another bird in the house.  At first I didnt think he was phased, but he was a tad pouty sitting in a corner of his cage that I never see him in.  I have him in the window right now basking in some sun… distractions are important to keep from over stressing.

I gave the “boys” some steamed veggies, and bean mix… Dexter of course picks what he wants out of everything… but the verdict is still out on Shasta.  Shas will probably be limited to what he eats the first 24 hours… and is going to rally through the motions, just to figure out what is going on.

I have to admit that I was SOOOOO excited the past few days, and I think to be honest, I am feeling the adrenaline crash of the experience, and I may just let the boys, and myself take a little nap this afternoon.  Today is all about rest and relaxation, and coming into sorts.  Later this evening I am going to get a book and read to the boys individually, for a little one on one time.  Also, it gives me a reason to try and get back into my reading groove… I am very much a wait for DVD person, so let’s see how this goes.  haha!

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