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Written By: B.D. Butler

“It’s After All A Parrot’s World And We Are Simply Living In It” – B. D. Butler

B.D. Butler BS is an avid aviculture enthusiast, who has owned birds since he was in his preteens. B.D. has completed the the AFA Fundamentals of Aviculture courses and continues his education in the world of aviculture, with diet, trainging, enrichment and other seminars.

B.D. recently served as marketing director for the Flight Club Foundation and was the co-chair of Seattle Parrot Expo 2013.gryffin  B.D. has also been the owner and head writer for ParrotEarth.com, a document and testimony of his loyal commitment to owning parrots and dedication to improving their quality of life.  While writing for Parrot Earth, B.D. has been featured in several publications throughout the world.  B.D. continues to be a parrot advocate, helping work with rescues and help rehome birds in the Pacific Northwest.  He has also been he host of charity “Chop” workshops in the area, raising money for Flight Club Foundation.  B.D. has also raised over $40,000 in the past years for several charities in the greater Seattle area and continues these efforts.  

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